Domeniul Drăgaşi - Pensiune 5 margarete
Domeniul Drăgaşi

Domeniul Dragasi

Pilgrim’s House

Rest easy, pilgrim!
You’ve travelled enough.



Dear Customers,
between November 1st and March 1 st the Pilgrim’s House will be closed for rehabilitation and maintenance work.

Have a nice winter and check ourselves in the spring!
Team Domeniul Drăgași

Choose between loft and porch, wood or iron, softness of bed or warmth of fire and one of the 5 generous rooms. But most of all, listen: the floor, the silence, the blackbird, the cricket. Only upon stepping on the porch will you realize where you’ve arrived: between the tall oak on the right and the great Olt river lining the horizon. The peak and the abyss. The endless sight to your left makes you feel like the center of the universe, which is not too far from the truth. Only with your hand on the carved wood, you will understand how a pilgrim can feel like a king.




Entire house: 1500 RON/ night, for 10 persons, breakfast included
* we have to possibility of extending to maximum 4 more people, at  100 RON/person/nigh with breakfast included

Individual, per room:
350 RON/night, breakfast included – Fri, Sat, Su
290 RON/nigh, breakfast included – Mo-Thu

Supplementary to half-board: 75 RON/person
Supplementary to full-board: 150 RON/person
Supplementary for wine-tasting session: 50 RON/person