Domeniul Drăgaşi

Domeniul Dragasi

Cabernet Franc 2015

I.G. Dealurile Olteniei

Cabernet Franc - Pelerin - Domeniul Drăgaşi

Take the bottle in your hand. Look at it into the sunlight. Do you see the violet red? The sun bloodily setting? Pour the wine in the carafe in a mysterious waiting, then easily in a glass and taste it. The eternity has shades of dry plums and blueberries. A hint of fine tobacco from the oak barrels. Let your mind wander through times, sweet memories, volutely experiences…

  • TYPE: dry red wine
  • LIMITED EDITION: 2300 bottles
  • BOTTLING: 23.08.2017
  • VARIETY: 100% Cabernet Franc
  • ALCOHOL: 14,5%
  • AGEING POTENTIAL: 12 – 14 years
  • REFINEMENT: 1 year in oak barrel
  • APPEARANCE: dark red with purple shades
  • NOSE: starts with discreet truffle perfume and continues with flavors of ripe and crushed black fruits
  • PALATE: full-bodied, generous, velvety, spicy, with depth, but also freshness, with a long finish of bitter chocolate
  • PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: beef, hunting meat, cheese
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