Pensiune - Domeniul Drăgaşi
Domeniul Drăgaşi

Domeniul Dragasi

Merlot 2016

Merlot 2016 - Pelerin - Domeniul Drăgaşi

You pour the wine into the glass and give it time to breathe your air. You look at its glimpses and depths of garnets embedded in ageless jewelry, and you understand that it whispers you firmly and nonchalantly that time is the friend of the tireless pilgrim…

  • TYPE: dry red wine
  • LIMITED EDITION: 2300 bottles
  • BOTTLING: 20/04/2018
  • VARIETY: 100% Merlot
  • ALCOHOL: 15%
  • AGEING POTENTIAL: 7 – 8 years
  • REFINEMENT: 15 months in oak barrel
  • APPEARANCE: dark purple-red, intense and bright
  • NOSE: intense, with hints of sour cherry, chocolate and spices at the end
  • PALATE: robust, round and full-bodied, with well-integrated tannins and persistent taste
  • PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: lamb, beef, truffle, game meat, cheese, charcuterie